Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stanislaus DA Malicious Prosecution Complaint

A Modesto family is being harassed without regard for the law by a rogue DA investigative unit. This page will allow the family and their customers a forum to post new developments and acts of harassment by the DA's office.


  1. The Stanislaus contracted Investigator has been harassing people all over Turlock without any cause. How do they justify going around and telling people in the community not to go to a certain store?? Why are they asking customers stupid questions? Why is he claiming to be an FBI agent, really??? I could have sworn I thought he left Pitt. PD because he was disabled or was it because he was on admin leave because his partner stated he shot a parolee??? Ummm this is our justice system these are the men that the DA has hired to protect the public and we are suppose to trust them? What a joke. If I did not see and hear this with my own eyes and ears I would never have believed it. Mr. Kamau bring some justice to Stanislaus County DA's office, because apparently they do not know the meaning of true justice.

    1. Well said! We need some answers and it is nice to see the community pulling together and standing up to these bully's.

  2. Detaining a store clerk and hand cuffing them without any arrest warrant is unconstitutional. When a person is complying with the officers and then they have no right to be handcuffed for hours. Also detaining someone without a arrest warrant and then transporting them from their home to somewhere and then getting into an accident and leaving a person at hospital without further questioning and not providing a police report of the accident are signs of police mistreatment. Yes we do need answers.

  3. https://us-mg4.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=b7ikssgi36c1d#8039370967

    #FRESNO POLICE DEPARTMENT - "POLICE MISCONDUCT". Fresno Police Officer Mandeep Khela P1589 - 04-23-2012 - FPD Event #12-29637 and Fresno Police Officer Darrik Graef P931 - 01-08-2013 - FPD Event #13-AA-9247. Both FPD Officers filed "False Police Reports". Both FPD reports were filed under "FPD 5150 72 Hour Detention Evaluation and Mental Health Hold" without any "Probable Cause". As a result on 04-24-2012 - FPD Event #12-28637 caused Gloria Walker, an African American, Black Female, age 59 with disabilities to become a Victim of an Assault, Battery, Sexual Harassment. false arrest, handcuffed. Hospitalization with visible injuries and bruises in the
    Fresno Community Hospital 04-24-2012 Cse #2012-04-1812. Fresno Community Hospital hAs refused to report this attack the local law enforcement as required by law. Therefore, Gloria Walker continues to be a victim of Fresno Community Hospital and Fresno Police Department refusal to
    prosecute these cases. Gloria Walker has filed a report with 'DIOP KAMAU".

    I am a victim of "Racial Profiling". Because I could not find an attorney in a Unlimited Civil Law suit Cse@12CECG03332 KCK to represent me "pro bono:. I appeared in Fresno Superior Court on three Civil Cases #12CECG03332 - KCK, #12CECG03333 MSW AND 13CECG02449 KCK. All were dismissed by defendants attorneys: CAREY H. JOHNSON, Stammer, McKnight, Barnum & Bailey,for Fresno Community Hospital. John Waterman, City Attorney Fresno Police Department and Wayne W. Watten & Victor Rassume for T-Mobile USA a Delaware Corporation.

    I was denied by Fresno Police Department from receiving any of the FPD Reports or any information from FPD Internal Affairs and also Fresno Community Hospital 04-24-2012 - Cse #2012-04-1812 hAs done nothing to protect my "Patients Rights - Civil Rights. Under the law a hospital must report such attacks especially those like mines involving FCH Security Guard or a Fresno County Deputy Sheriff to the local law enforcement. The local law enforcement then forwards my attack to the office of the Fresno County District Attorney's Office. All I have received is retaliation, home vandalism and burglaries, harassment. Identity Theft, etc. Fresno Police Department refused to allow me to obtain these reports all because I did not have an attorney. The real reason I have found out was FPD was hiding these 'False Reports:. I can be contacted at (559) 570-8592 Gloria Walker

  4. I am registered with DIOP KAMAU" I support and encourage others to get in touch with this investigator. Excellent

  5. http://fox40.com/2015/08/14/defense-attorney-3-chp-officers-arrested-in-death-of-turlock-man/

  6. Years later the brothers have been arrested last week Pop N Cork brothers have been arrested! http://fox40.com/2015/08/14/defense-attorney-3-chp-officers-arrested-in-death-of-turlock-man/