Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The Stanislaus contracted Investigator has been harassing people all over Turlock without any cause. How do they justify going around and telling people in the community not to go to a certain store?? Why are they asking customers stupid questions? Why is he claiming to be an FBI agent, really??? I could have sworn I thought he left Pitt. PD because he was disabled or was it because he was on admin leave because his partner stated he shot a parolee??? Ummm this is our justice system these are the men that the DA has hired to protect the public and we are suppose to trust them? What a joke. If I did not see and hear this with my own eyes and ears I would never have believed it. Mr. Kamau bring some justice to Stanislaus County DA's office, because apparently they do not know the meaning of true justice.

Posted by rose to Stanislaus County DA Misconduct at April 1, 2014 at 7:45 PM


  1. I think as citizens we need to remind ourselves that this kind of harassment and false accusations can happen to any of us. Every other day we read about men and women being released from prison after being found not guilty. Some spend ten, twenty, even fifty years in jail. The most recent article I read about showed that A District Attorney and police department had the evidence needed to prove a man was innocent. However they ignored it and brushed it aside to get a conviction. The DA and police department are in the business of prosecuting and convicting. Look at our overcrowded prison system. This investigation is a far stretch to treat the Athwals as unofficial suspects. This is SLANDER of their character.

  2. Article of conviced.....http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-york-man-jonathan-fleming-freed-after-25-years-in-prison-for-brooklyn-murder-after-review-turns-up-receipt-showing-he-was-over-a-thousand-miles-away-in-florida-9250897.html

    1. Bclarke you are so right. This DA does NOT care about justice she just tries to get a conviction, yet Mr. Olsen (Kristen Olsen Assembly woman's husband) gets away with child cruelty after he grabbed a 4 yr old boy on the soccer field and there were so many witnesses to the incident BUT the DA gave him a plea bargain why because the DA and Olsen are on the same party and it is election time. WTH but her employees go around and harass the public for no reason and she knows about this and sits back and does nothing to stop them ESP Detective Bunch. It is so crazy, unfair and soooo wrong. These guys have been thru hell, I hope they see justice very soon and the DA and her gang of bullies get exactly what they deserve.